Super Mario RPG


When people ask me what my favorite game of all time is my go to answer is normally Super Mario RPG.

For those of you who do not know what Super Mario RPG is. First of all I hate you. Secondly Super Mario RPG is a Square Enix the guys who made Final Fantasy and Nintendo cross over. This game breaks the traditional platforming mold that Mario is based on and does it extraordinarily well. The absolute genius of this game is its almost like a introduction to the RPG Turn based genre.

The combat system is very simplistic but at the same time can be complex if you want it to be. You have your basic attacks that can become more powerful if you use you time your button presses correctly. This mechanic is fantastic for those who hate turn based RPG’s because it allows you to be more interactive with the game during turns and rewards you and keeps you engaged. You also have special attacks, items and your defense and escape options. Each character has strengths and weaknesses and feels unique.


The cast of characters are also well chosen in my opinion. You of course start off with Mario, Mario has the choice of using multiple different weapons including his fists,hammer,or turtle shell he can kick at enemy’s. Mario’s special attacks consists of Jumps and Fireballs all holding very true to the character. The second character you get is Mellow, mellow is a new character to the series and is based on a cloud/person type design. Mellows basic attacks consist of using a set of symbols, his fists or a staff. Mellow excels in special attacks and simple healing spells. He controls electricity so many of his attacks revolve around lightning.

Another newcomer to the series and a popular character in his own right is Geno. Geno is a possessed doll who accompanies Mario. He uses Cannon type weapons and finger bullets of various types as his main attack. His special attacks consist of various laser beams and energy attacks. He is also capable of some of the highest damage in the game.

You also have access later in the game to Bowser for one of the first times in a Mario game. Bowser focuses on physical attacks. He uses his claws or a chain chomp to hit enemy’s. his special attacks consist of various minions that he uses to attack, personally I find his special attacks as some of the most unusual in the game.

Princess Peach is the last character in the game and focuses mostly on healing special attacks. Her physical attack is for the most part weak. You also get her very late in the game and feels like you should get her much earlier.

All the characters seem to have been as fleshed out as you would think for a Mario Game.

The story itself is about what you would expect from a Mario game. Mario is going about his business as usual. Saving the princess from Bowser like any other day of the week. But as he is just about to save her a giant sword falls from the sky into the castle. The force of this impact sends Bowser, Mario and the princess flying in separate directions. Thus Mario’s goal is to find the princess. Along the way he discovers the reason for the attack on the castle and must also journey to discover the 7 Star pieces to repair the star road so peoples wishes can continue to come true.

The game has a lot of secrets and extra mini games and battles that will keep you invested past the main story. This is the first game that I consider that I completed 100 percent. This game has aged very well with time and is one of the few games that I would give a 100/100 score too. The reason I decided to start my blog with this game is to give people a idea what I consider a absolutely perfect game. Thus will be the ruling stick for many other games in the future.




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